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Hanse Orga Software FS2 certified by Virtual Forge

Hanse Orga, a leading global provider of SAP-integrated software, has successfully completed the Virtual Forge certification process. The certification officially confirms that Hanse Orga’s financial software FS2 meets the highest safety and quality requirements. FS2 is developed as an SAP add-on directly in the SAP programming language ABAP.

“The successful certification acknowledges our efforts to provide our customers with the safest and most efficient financial software at all times. The direct SAP integration of our solutions helps avoid unnecessary risk-prone interfaces. In times of growing cybercrime and unauthorized access, this is an increasingly important factor. Thanks to the Virtual Forge certification, customers can be confident that they are meeting the highest security and compliance requirements with our SAP add-ons. Standardized procedures increase the overall performance of the software, enabling customers to make their processes even better,” said Sven Lindemann, CEO of Hanse Orga.

As part of the certification process, Virtual Forge tested the ABAP code of the FS2 software on the basis of the independent BIZEC APP/11 standard, which was developed by a consortium of SAP experts, SAP customers and auditors. Hanse Orga’s FS2 Version 6.0 software was certified with the following modules:

  • FS² AutoBank – Intelligent Cash Application
  • FS² Payments – Smart Payment Management
  • FS² Treasury – Innovative Treasury Management
  • FS² CashLiquidity – Clever Cash & Liquidity Management
  • FS² eBAM – Streamlined Bank Account Management
  • FS² AccountStatement – Powerful Account Statement Management