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Banks at risk unless they put people back into banking

By Antonella Comes, CMO, Auriga

Auriga, the banking software company, has unveiled a White Paper in which it argues it’s time for banks to put people back at the centre of their strategy.

Auriga recognises that banks face mounting pressure to control costs while improving client service and experience.  It says this comes in part from customers who are demanding easier, 24/7 access through PCs, tablets and mobile.  It is also the result of new entrants to the banking sector and the arrival of a number of ‘fintech’ companies whose new approaches and lower costs are constantly increasing the pressure on more established providers.

For many banks the only way to square the circle is to close branches and push customers online. It is unarguable that this reduces costs but it also radically changes the relationship between a bank and its customers.

Auriga, which has over 67% of the Italian banking market, has developed a software suite called WinWebServer (WWS), which enables banks to deploy advanced web technologies to make significant cost reductions whilst providing a partly or even fully staffed kiosk-type branch.

“WWS is fundamentally about putting the person back into the heart of the relationship between a customer and his or her bank.  Technology becomes not a barrier, separating the bank from the public, but an enabler allowing more positive, compelling and rewarding experiences for both parties,” said Mark Aldred, UK Sales Manager of Auriga.

WWS enables kiosks with cash-out, cash-in, note/coin recycling and cheque deposit machines from multiple hardware vendors, document scanners, tablets and Assisted Self-service Devices/Assisted Self-Service Terminals (ASD/ASST), as well as screens providing information and direction.  This frees up time for a staff member to help customers with more complex enquiries or problems that need resolving. The technology provides the staff member with an ‘omnichannel’ overview of the customer’s circumstances and interactions which dramatically enhances the customer experience.

Mark Aldred added “WWS is fundamentally about putting the person back into the heart of the relationship between a customer and his or her bank.  We believe that banks need to see technology as a way of enabling enhanced personal relationships. New technology is not a means of eradicating people, but is a way of enabling and empowering bank staff to do more, and serve customers better. The bank of the future will succeed because it has the very best technology and the very best people.”

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