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MEGA Launches New Business Process Analysis Solution

Companies can transform business by aligning enterprise processes with customer journey 

MEGA International has introduced another new business transformation solution to help companies map their organization’s processes, align them with the customer journey and support new digital business approaches. HOPEX Business Process Analysis (BPA) gives executives a new way to improve the customer experience to foster growth and profitability.

The solution provides decision-making tools that are necessary to enrich the customer journey as a means to create new revenue streams and increase business value.

“Companies typically move through several milestones on the road to transformation. Business architecture helps companies align business operations with corporate strategy,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “BPA is the next logical phase, because it helps business leaders gain insight into what needs to be changed within the company to meet future needs. It is a key resource that can bring significant value to the organization.”

BPA was traditionally a long-term, document-centric activity conducted nearly entirely by a small group of advanced business process designers within a company. MEGA’s new offering makes BPA a transformation-centric activity that is fast and easy to implement by business analysts, managers, contributors and others throughout the enterprise, and covers the entire business ecosystem, inside and outside of the company. HOPEX BPA offers a unique automated method to easily create process diagrams that help business teams understand the organization, assess whether existing processes support the customer journey and fill gaps or modify operations.

“Companies now have multiple touchpoints with customers due to new interactive technologies,” continued de Risi. “Our new solution helps companies quickly determine the points where the company’s processes or policies may cause customers to abandon the interaction, resulting in lost sales. With HOPEX BPA, companies can more easily build systems of engagement to attract and retain customers.”

For example, the customer journey to rent a car at an airport consists of several touchpoints during the entire purchase process, such as logging into the website, viewing available cars and prices at the desired location, using rewards, booking and paying for the car, and picking up the vehicle. If customers become dissatisfied with the experience at any point along the journey, they may switch to another car rental company and never return.

However, when a company maps the customer journey, determines the key moments to influence customers and links these to its internal business processes, it can draw up action plans to deliver flexible services that will satisfy customers and increase sales and profitability.

HOPEX BPA allows enterprises to model processes, conduct as-is/to-be analysis, create and monitor key performance indicators tied to processes, assess processes through questionnaires, engage in risk mapping to include risks and controls in process models, define preventative controls and create reports to share information across the organization. It is based on the latest in modern software usability traits and was thoroughly vetted by two highly acclaimed usability testing companies.