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CCgroup Launches Blockchain Resource Centre

‘Practical Applications of Blockchain Technology ’ showcases how blockchain, the technology  behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is impacting various industry sectors 

​London tech PR agency​, CCgroup, today announced the launch of  ‘Practical Applications of Blockchain Technology’, an industry resource that brings together the  most outstanding and innovative Blockchain use cases across five key vertical markets. The  resource centre is open to submissions from organisations which believe they have a compelling  use case to share with the wider market. It aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and best practice  in an emergent but highly contentious sector.      

In addition to examples of successful applications, curated commentary from journalists, sector  experts and insiders give additional backdrop to how this technology is shaping traditional  industries. While information on Blockchain technology is freely searchable on the web, there is  no one place which hosts information about the various sector uses and benefits, as well as the  future possibilities of this technology.

“We often hear about technology ‘game changers’ but 99% of these are little more than smoke  and mirrors. The Blockchain is different. It’s a truly innovative technology with genuine potential  for large scale and far reaching disruption. It’s up there with artificial intelligence and 3D printing  in terms of influence. However, despite the hype, examples of the real­world impact are proving  hard to find,” said Daniel Lowther, Associate Director and Head of FinTech at CCgroup. “By cutting  through the noise and providing a place for practitioners to share and learn about the most  interesting and significant applications of the technology, we hope to – even in a small way –  contribute towards this positive force for change.”

  • Practical Applications of Blockchain focused on five industry sectors which are being influenced by  the technology: finance, retail, agriculture, insurance and energy. Each sector is divided into four  sections which delve into:    Sector uses:​ looks at how Blockchain technology is being implemented within each respective  sector    
  • Companies using Blockchain: ​identifies specific organisations within each sector which have  implemented the technology and the results of use  
  • Issues Blockchain can solve:​ explores which vertical specific challenges that the Blockchain is  being used to overcome    
  • Future possibilities: ​forecasts future applications of the technology and the possible impact on  the wider industry     The resource is open to submissions from organisations with interesting use cases they are happy  to share with the wider market.