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GMC Software Partners with SundaySky to Provide Personalized Videos to Enhance the Customer Experience

New integrated offering allows enterprises to quickly expand existing customer communications at scale with personalized video

GMC Software (GMC), a leader in customer communications management, has partnered with SundaySky, the leading provider of personalized video engagement for enterprises, to offer SmartVideo technology for customers designing communications using GMC Inspire.

SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology offers personalized, real-time video experiences designed to welcome new customers, explain processes and deliver customer support messages that matter to the consumer, resulting in an enhanced digital experience and deeper customer loyalty. The technology is already in use by many leading brands, including AT&T, Comcast and Allstate, which are powering their personalized customer acquisition and retention strategies with SmartVideo.

“Joint customers of GMC and SundaySky are now able to enable personalized video to existing and new content streams using a simple drag-and-drop from within GMC Inspire,” said Scott Draeger, vice president of product marketing at GMC Software. “This capability provides a seamless customer experience, allowing enterprises to enable personalized video as a new communication channel while maintaining consistency in branding, messaging and compliance.”

GMC Software’s GMC Inspire is a leading customer communications management solution that allows enterprises to pull information from various internal systems to design and generate monthly statements, contracts, quotes and other customer communications and deliver them via print, fax, online, social media, email, text, mobile and other emerging channels.

“Communicating to customers on a one-to-one level fosters stronger customer bonds and a deeper level of brand loyalty that businesses continuously strive for. SundaySky’s technology allows enterprises to engage individuals with the most compelling medium—video—at key touch points across the customer lifecycle, such as quote abandonment, the onboarding process, monthly billing statements and contract renewals,” said Jeff Hirsch, chief marketing officer at SundaySky. “Supporting customers by sharing the most relevant information improves the customer experience while reducing support costs related to such customer transactions. The entire experience is tailored to the individual in a format that is engaging, easy to understand and actionable.”

Marketing and customer service leaders are increasingly turning toward personalized video to help position new services to existing customers, enhance the onboarding process for new customers and increase overall satisfaction.