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Bottomline Technologies Publishes Whitepaper Study On Global E-Invoicing Regulation

Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ:EPAY), a leading provider of payment, invoice, and digital banking solutions, today publishes a whitepaper study on global electronic invoicing trends and regulatory obligations for businesses.

The study, Are You Ready For The E-Invoicing Wave?, provides an overview of international governmental initiatives and legislation, with particular focus upon the EU, the UK and the United States.  The whitepaper is authored by Bottomline industry experts Richard Ransom and Andy Lilley, with a Foreward by Stephen McPartland MP, and an Introduction by Dave Jones of AIIM Europe.

Analysing the growing interest in payables automation following the 2008 downturn, Are You Ready For The E-Invoicing Wave? documents the gathering momentum of e-Invoicing regulatory mandates over the past seven years, with governmental bodies in several major economies now leading private companies in payables automation.

In the Foreward to the Bottomline whitepaper, Stephen McPartland  MP highlights the wide range of governmental initiatives taking place internationally to encourage or enforce electronic invoicing standards and usage.

“When leading my Parliamentary Inquiry into e-Invoicing, I assembled a committee from industry, academia, economics and subject experts, to report on how the Government could best learn from private sector experience and best practice,” writes Stephen McPartland MP. “Our study found that electronic invoicing could save the UK public sector and its suppliers a minimum of £2 billion per annum by streamlining government administrative processes at a stroke. This Whitepaper by Bottomline Technologies provides a useful overview of global legislative initiatives to promote or mandate e-Invoicing adoption and marshals further evidence of the benefits of electronic invoicing for both the public and private sectors.”

Also contributing to the Bottomline investigation, David Jones, VP of European Operations, AIIM Europe writes: “This Bottomline Whitepaper is a valuable guide for businesses around the often complex and fluid mosaic of electronic invoicing standards and regulation. It highlights key issues organisations need to address to address legislative compliance and increase operational efficiency.” 

The Bottomline Whitepaper, Are You Ready For The E-Invoicing Wave?, is available now as a free download.