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Anova Technologies Acquires Ultra-Low Latency Division of AOptix Technologies; Greatly Expanding RF, Laser & Hardware Portfolios and Capabilities

Anova Technologies, a global provider of exchange connectivity, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the AOptix ULL3000 ultra low latency division. This purchase gives Anova its own proprietary hardware platform complete with all requisite intellectual property (IP), continuing on the firm’s goal to fully own the underlying technology of its solutions. Core employees were also retained in the Silicon Valley, CA region, where research & development, as well as new features testing, will occur at a new Anova West Coast campus.

The ULL3000 system is a ground-breaking platform that has transformed wireless communications by utilizing high-capacity laser-radios to deliver an unprecedented combination of bandwidth, availability and distance. Building on technology originally developed for deep space research and then field-validated in advanced military defense applications, Anova now owns a completely innovative and disruptive technology to wirelessly deliver multi-gigabit capacity.

“This was a natural evolution for us; we wholeheartedly believe that the best solutions are the ones that are not replicable and by adding a patented, leading-edge laser/RF hardware division to our company further sets us apart from other providers using off-the-shelf kit,” stated Mike Persico, founder and CEO of Anova Technologies.

Explaining the rationale behind the acquisition, Persico continued, “Anova saw the potential and possibilities in the ULL division of AOptix and believed we could maximize it to a greater extent by having it directly under our roof. Carrier solutions are one thing, but we have a very specific and unique product road map necessary for our industry – a direction that we now have the ability to drive towards independently. Plus, the talent that we’ve acquired are really some of the top minds in optics, FPGA and RF. This certainly changes the complexion and breadth of what Anova can offer its clients.”

In addition to the IP and personnel, Anova purchased ULL3000-centric inventory, certain critical piece parts/testing components and service/support know-how and documentation.

“It was also important to us to ensure there was no drop-off in the servicing of these units. Given our deployment plan is global for this technology, I wanted to make certain we were well-equipped to handle the requirements of hardware support, in addition to the network support we are so intimately familiar with. I fully expect that the many customers of the current production ULL3000 networks will experience a seamless transition,” explained Kieran Athy, CTO of Anova Technologies.

Anova plans to rebrand the ULL3000 in the coming weeks as the newest member of its proprietary product family that also includes the Relay.

“We’ve invested a significant amount of capital across every aspect of our networks, from the transport backbone all the way to the edge of the customer network. This latest piece is going to allow us to harmonize all of the technologies and systems into one cohesive offering for clients. The future is quite exciting here at Anova,” concluded Mr. Persico.