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McObject & IBM Set New Records for Speed & Stability in STAC-M3 Benchmark for Capital Markets

McObject® and IBM announced today that a new report* from the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®) demonstrates the performance value of McObject’s SQL-based eXtremeDB® Financial Edition database management system (DBMS), running on IBM POWER8 S824L Linux server, executing a time-series data analytics workload. The STAC-M3™ Benchmark suite is the industry standard for testing solutions that enable high-speed analytics on time series data such as tick-by-tick market data.

McObject and IBM are members of the STAC Benchmark Council which consists of over 200 financial institutions and more than 50 vendor organizations whose purpose is to explore technical challenges and solutions in financial services and to develop technology benchmark standards that are useful to financial organizations. User firms include the largest global banks, brokerage houses, exchanges, hedge funds, proprietary trading shops, and other market participants. Council members define STAC Benchmarks and rely on STAC for unbiased vendor performance comparisons at every level of the architecture.

The combination of eXtremeDB and the POWER8 system achieved new records in a set of 17 STAC-M3 tests, including the best-ever results for jitter. Adding together the mean response times for these 17 tests, eXtremeDB on POWER8 took 44% less time than the nearest competitive solution while using just one-third the number of cores. This solution provides a significant cost/performance benefit to clients in the financial industry.

These new STAC-M3 results bested standing performance records in 6 of the 17 tests, and set records for lowest standard deviation of results (lowest jitter) in 5 of 17 tests. The results build on previous record-setting STAC-M3 implementations by McObject and IBM that, when combined, hold 16 of the 17 test performance records when compared to all other solutions using non-clustered 2-socket servers. These results demonstrate the value of eXtremeDB and the IBM POWER8 system for analytics and big data workloads in capital markets, where low-latency and low-jitter are key attributes.

The POWER8 S824L server is among a family of systems infused with OpenPOWER technology. The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open technical community based on the POWER architecture, enabling collaborative development with over 150 members worldwide. The goal of the Foundation is to create an open ecosystem, using the POWER architecture to share expertise, investment, and server-class intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of customers and industry.

“The fact that McObject and IBM achieved these STAC-M3 results with SQL adds several compelling business reasons for using eXtremeDB Financial Edition on IBM POWER8-based servers, in addition to the strong performance case. SQL is by far the most widely used database language, with a vast, experienced developer talent pool that helps alleviate staffing challenges described by many companies. In addition, SQL’s relative simplicity shortens the development cycle. This lends the competitive advantage of faster time-to-market, and reduces labor costs for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” said Steve Graves, McObject co-founder and CEO.