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Diasoft and Rosenergobank are recognized by IDC Financial Insights FinTech Real Results Awards 2015 for the Digital Transformation Project of the Year

Diasoft, a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions for financial institutions, jointly with Rosenergobank was announced a winner of the Digital Transformation of the Year category of IDC Financial Insights FinTech Real Results Awards 2015 for the “ENERGOCONTACT” project.

According to IDC Financial Insights, the award recognizes IT providers that have enabled real, measurable, and future-enabling change at a client financial institution (bank, insurance company, or capital markets firm) in the global financial services market. Nominees were judged by a panel of Research Directors from IDC Financial Insights, as well as executives from top tier banks including California-based City National Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo & Company.

“IDC Financial Insights’ inaugural Real Results program proved extremely successful, drawing case studies from around the world on the effective and measurably beneficial use of technology in financial services,” said Karen Massey, Senior Research Analyst for IDC Financial Insights.  “We congratulate the winners for making a real-world difference to their customers.”

Diasoft nominated its cutting-edge FLEXTERA Digital Banking solution jointly with its success story with one of the leading Russian banks – Rosenergobank, supporting governmental institutions, enterprises of the leading industries and SMBs of Russia; as well providing the whole specter of retail services.

In the mid-2014 Rosenergobank has felt an urgent necessity to replace its traditional branch-based model by an integrated channel approach that could allow for Bank clients to be serviced seamlessly across not only existing, but new online and mobile channels — initiating a transaction in a branch and finalizing it online. The Bank realized that having multiple channels for customer servicing has become crucial in today’s reality of tough competition and the new generation`s requirements, and that the time for getting digital is now. To overcome all challenges and acquire new opportunities for business development Rosenergobank decided to implement modern FLEXTERA Digital Banking Platform by Diasoft.

“The provision of full spectrum of services remotely doesn`t simply implies the connection of new channels (mobile and online). Provision of the same functionality, of the consistent servicing across all channels requires complex integration with IT-landscape of the Bank (core banking, payment systems, processing center, state service and other external services). Due to the lack of this integration, to the lack of the digital platform many banks currently don`t provide the same range of services through all of their channels – for example in some banks customers can open a deposit, transfer money, apply for a loan only in branch, this function is not available remotely. That is why we started our project from implementation of innovative FLEXTERA Digital Platform, which ensured integration with the whole complex stack of the Bank and elimination of this inconsistency of servicing - and only then we proceeded with connecting of the new channels – mobile and online”, - Dmitry Emelin, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rosenergobank.

They key goal of Rosenergobank was to increase loyalty and retain the existing clientele (large enterprises and governmental institutions, critical for the Russia`s economy), the Bank wanted to provide its customers with the new access channels to the 100% of the most popular operations, that is why one of the key requirements of the Bank was the development of the user-friendly and intuitive online and mobile applications that would allow the Bank customers to easily process their operations and customize them in accordance with their particular needs.

By results of this project Rosenergobank not only obtained an innovative Digital Platform, ensuring omni-channel support, complex integration with the Bank`s IT-landscape, consistent servicing of customer, moreover the bank has achieved the goal for existing client base penetration with online and mobile banking, increased its operational efficiency, customer retention rate and the overall level of customers satisfaction.

“FLEXTERA Mobile and Online turned out to be extremely convenient and easy to use applications. They ensured rapid customer adoption and a totally new experience to our clientele”, - Dmitry Emelin, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rosenergobank. “Diasoft became our strategic partner and we plan to continue our collaboration to further keep increasing the loyalty of our customers and future-proof our business”.

“It is our honor to be selected out of numerous other candidates in Digital Transformation category of IDC Financial Insights FinTech Real Results Awards 2015. This is a great achievement to be recognized by such a highly-professional and experienced judging panel consisting of Research Directors from IDC Financial Insights, as well as executives from global top tier banks”, - said Sergey Metelskiy, International Sales Director, Diasoft. “That we value the best – is recognition by Rosenergobank customers, who have a real experience of working with ENERGOCONTACT mobile and online applications and can reflect all the efforts we put into development of the most cutting-edge solutions”.

It is important to mention that in 2015 Diasoft FLEXTERA was positioned as a leader in IDC Global Core Banking MarketScape. The new nomination once again proves the exceptional business and technological value that FLEXTERA brings to our global customers.