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Rogue Wave Software releases 2015 Open Source Support Report

Identifies three top packages based on actual enterprise use

Rogue Wave Software released their 2015 Open Source Support Report, solidifying the company as a leader in the open source software (OSS) community and providing information on OSS package use that could only be gathered from their own database. Taking data from over 8,000 OSS packages, surveys, experiences, and experts from across different industries, this report brings a new level of visibility into OSS support reporting that has been lacking until now.

By tracking over 30,000 OSS package requests from Rogue Wave customers, the company gathered information that can only be found within their system based on actual use in the enterprise. These facts and figures are a true representation of what their large customer base is doing, thinking, and seeing.

“By diving into our own database we were able to get meaningful stats on what packages have the most support requests,” said Richard Sherrard, director of product management at Rogue Wave Software. “Knowing the top requested packages and the types of issues organizations are seeing help all organizations mitigate risks. We now know that Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Server (WildFly), and Apache HTTP Server (httpd) and the most requested packages in the enterprise.”

The support report also includes information from a survey conducted earlier this year. On behalf of Rogue Wave, OpenSystems Media surveyed hundreds of developers to help gather information about the criteria used when selecting OSS packages, and gain an understanding about how developers use OSS. Not surprisingly, over 50 percent of developers worry about the availability of technical support when choosing OSS.

The Rogue Wave 2015 Open Source Support Report brings this concern to life with facts, figures, and advice on how to manage open source support concerns. As Rod Cope, CTO of Rogue Wave, states in the report, “There’s still the question of sharing expertise to solve issues, from configuration to production, that’s reliable, assured, and worthy of enterprises. It's a question with one simple answer: enterprise-class open source support.”

Offering open source scanning, governance, and support through OpenLogic, and the recent acquisition of Zend, Rogue Wave has some of the best and most active open source experts in-house. Rogue Wave employees have contributed to, set up, used, and debugged hundreds of OSS packages, digging into source code on a regular basis.