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BNY Mellon Launches New U.S. Government Securities Clearing Platform Powered by Innovative Technology Capabilities

BNY Mellon, a global leader in investment management and investment services, has launched a new US government securities clearance platform that provides clients with industry leading processing speed, custom reporting and analytics, and a dashboard that serves as a central hub for monitoring and managing transactions and positions on a real-time basis. The new platform provides seamless access to the Federal Reserve Bank's book-entry system with millisecond response time for client's clearing and settlement activities.

"We've made significant investments in our technology platform to provide our clients with what they need – instantaneous response time, an aggregated dashboard displaying all activity with innovative drill down capabilities, and data and analytics that provide insights for improved decision-making," said Brian Ruane, CEO of Broker-Dealer and Tri-Party Services.  "With large trading volumes and volatility, efficient securities clearance and servicing requires a commitment like ours to the latest technology and infrastructure."

The new platform leverages architectural tools and metrics to help clients manage and monitor their programs across various user-defined levels.  In addition, BNY Mellon has significantly enhanced the overall user experience while preserving the core capabilities to which clients have become accustomed.  

"The smart use of our technology capabilities helps power investment success for clients across all of our businesses, including government securities clearance," said Kevin Fedigan, Chief Technology Officer, Broker-Dealer and Tri-Party Services. "Our platform is powered by home-grown, award-winning technology that reflects the needs of our client base and the markets, while being supported by business and technology staff who understand the dynamics and trends in the clearance market." 

BNY Mellon Broker-Dealer Services clears and settles equity and fixed income transactions in over 100 markets and is an industry leader in transactions cleared through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.