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TradingScreen Launches Pre-Trade Decision Suite with Best Execution Tools

TradingScreen Inc., the leading independent provider of liquidity, trading and investment technology via SaaS, announces the integration of a series of best execution focused monitoring tools as part of its new release of the TradingScreen Pre-Trade Decision Suite featuring a toolkit designed to assist users in simplifying the pre and in-trade decision making process for Equities, Futures, Fixed Income and FX.

The latest release of TradingScreen’s Pre-Trade Decision Suite includes analytic tools that highlight the historical performance of the client’s brokers, algorithms and venues, providing value added comparative metrics with a single and fair methodology. This latest enhancement simplifies the monitoring process across the lifecycle as clients will now have the ability to assess performance in pre-trade dashboards and models, track performance in real-time using in-trade tools, and follow-up with post-trade reporting across asset classes in a single conflict-free platform – TradingScreen.

"Decision makers, now more than ever, are under immense pressure to not only decide quickly – before the markets move against them – but to also have a consistent trustworthy quantifiable basis for those decisions" said Philippe Buhannic, Founder and CEO of TradingScreen. As an independent facilitator between the Buy-side and Sell-side, TradingScreen is perfectly positioned to provide actionable intelligence from its unbiased analytics platform by enabling fair and concise assessments of brokers, strategies and venues. On the topic of fairness, Buhannic stressed: "Trust is the key to analytics - you have to trust the data, the methodology, the technology, and ultimately that there are no conflicts of interest with the source. This is why TradingScreen finds it so important, as a neutral entity, to provide these tools built to conform to a recognized industry standard, OpenTCA."

All of TradingScreen’s benchmarks and metrics are compliant with OpenTCA , the trading performance analysis standard, which seeks to promote consistency and transparency in transaction cost analysis (TCA).