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Eze Software Enhances Buy-Side and Sell-Side Capabilities of EMS

Eze Software EMS (RealTick) 11.4 Release Includes Actionable IOIs, Stock Locate, and ACT Reporting Features

Eze Software Group, a premier provider of global investment technology, has released a number of new features for the buy-side and the sell-side in the latest version of its EMS. Enhancements include actionable IOI support, securities borrowing improvements and enriched support for ACT reporting.

Traders now can receive targeted indications of interest from brokers within the EMS. The EMS standardizes all incoming IOIs and distributes them to traders at broker-targeted clients. Traders can view and trade IOIs from a variety brokers. The feature also benefits the sell-side, making the EMS a destination for broad IOI distribution to Eze Software’s client base.

“The actionable IOI feature provides traders with additional liquidity sources in the trade blotter to help them make trading decisions,” said Bud Daleiden, managing director in product management. “We have seamlessly integrated multiple broker IOI streams into a variety of the standard trading tools, so traders can easily toggle to display IOI prices for specified symbols from specified brokers and choose to match those IOIs to staged tickets, all within a single application.”

The EMS was further enhanced through an integration with the Eze Locate tool, allowing EMS users to search inventories of securities to borrow from multiple brokers, enhancing short locate capabilities. Traders can now generate and send locate requests from the order entry window to multiple counterparties, and then route their order for execution.

For sell side users, Eze Software enhanced support for ACT reporting of OTC trades. Now the sell-side can ACT report orders that were matched against their own inventory. “A significant segment of our client base are sell-side desks utilizing the order management capabilities of the EMS. Enhanced ACT reporting reflects our continued commitment to supporting this portion of the client base,” Daleiden said.

The award-winning EMS has garnered 90 new sales year-to-date, following 150 new clients in 2014. The system, which can be accessed on both desktop and mobile, provides access to a robust network of 250 brokers worldwide, and supports multi-asset class trading. The EMS has recently benefitted from integration with the compliance engine of Eze Software’s OMS, enabling traders check the full spectrum of compliance rules while continuing to work in the EMS.