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Fundtech Enhances its Flagship Payment Services Hub Solution Making it Simpler and Faster

Enhancements to Global PAYplus make the solution configurable, flexible, and customer-focused 

Fundtech, a market leader in global transaction banking solutions, today announces significant enhancements to its global payment services hub solution, Global PAYplus. The enhancements include new business capabilities, and improved usability and performance. These new developments reflect Fundtech’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the solution is configurable, flexible, and customer-focused, allowing customers to save time, reduce errors, improve business decision-making, and reduce costs.

Global PAYplus’ new user interface can be customized to be task-specific, helping users to prioritize and focus only on those things that require their attention, enabling work load to be optimized and streamlined, and helping payments to move more quickly. ‘Google-like’ search capabilities allow users to simply type in what they are looking for without the need to specify the message fields that should be searched, which enables searches to be more intuitive, quick and flexible.

A new reporting module enables data to be optimized for analysis, so that users can easily access their favorite tools and identify anomalies, find root causes, improve performance, and identify new business opportunities, allowing business decisions to be made quickly, effectively, and strategically. A new layered solution architecture means that new business products can be introduced quickly and easily, reducing time- to- value and testing costs, and ensuring that projects—including adding new payment types, geographies or capabilities—to be easily run in parallel, without impacting one another or the system core.  Fundtech regularly certifies its product to run on the most up-to-date infrastructure software versions; a recent upgrade produced a 25% increase in performance, enabling users to effectively ‘do more with less’.

“As payments become more complex, spanning multiple payment methods and currencies, payments technology must reduce the burdens and risks placed on payers and payees,” says CEB TowerGroup research director Andy Schmidt. “Payments platforms that provide leading edge capabilities along with intuitive interfaces will help professionals seeking the most user-friendly and efficient way to execute and receive payments.”

“With more payments customers around the world than any other payments solution provider, Fundtech is committed to meeting the needs of its customers,” says Isaac Yaniv, Executive Vice President of Global Payments, at Fundtech. “We continue to add new business capabilities, and improve usability and performance, saving customers time and money, but also gaining performance advantages and business insights.”