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3i Infotech launches ORION 11j The Generation Next Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

3i Infotech Ltd., a global provider of IT solutions launches its latest ORION 11j- Enterprise Resource Planning Solution. Orion 11j is an integrated, cross-industry solution that is functionally rich, integrated, advanced solution with tools that maximize ROI and minimize turnaround time.

A fully integrated multi-user, enterprise solution, ORION 11j empowers a seamless interaction between modules, enables sharper decision-making and facilitates greater control over business processes. Orion 11j ERP Framework offers a latest technology solution that allows capitalizing on latest trends in technology with its comprehensive features. The Cloud Ready Architecture provides the applications with all the architectural benefits. The product Orion 11j is fabricated with a true Cloud Based architecture adhering to web 2.0 standards.

Integrated ORION11j solution has enhanced productivity components with a compelling combination of a dynamic, effective workflow management system along with the Notification engine for key business solutions. This single – application access to all business processes will ensure cost reduction, swifter decision making with improved customer service. 

The ORION 11j Mobility framework supports diverse Business activities using range of mobility platforms for the on-field needs of the customers and to maintain their Business Eco-systems. Mr. Madhivanan Balakrishnan, Managing Director & Global CEO, 3i Infotech Ltd. says, The need for technology modernization is one of the key growth accelerators today. Customers not only expect stable service but also want companies to know them and their needs closely. We are extremely confident that the launch of ORION 11j further underlines our strategic intent of empowering business transformation for our customers.”

Mr. Ashish Dass, President, 3i Infotech Ltd. Middle East & Africa says: “We are very excited about this technologically advanced version of Orion 11j, which is completely a SOA based on the Java technology. In today’s time and age ERP’s have moved from just simply automating business processes, into proactively reaching out to customers and suppliers by using technology. This technologically advanced version is a CXO’s tool while they are on the move, and enable the rest of the organization to be proactively in touch with their customers, suppliers and employees, thus saving time and money by making the best use of technology. We are confident that with this new version many new customers will join the Orion family.”