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Morningstar Australasia Launches Snapshot Reports for Debt and Hybrid Securities

Morningstar Australasia Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, has launched snapshot reports for Australian debt and hybrid securities.

The Morningstar Debt and Hybrid Research Snapshot Report shows essential data points and proprietary statistics for these securities, including Morningstar Analyst RatingsTM and commentary, conversion and reset terms, running yield, bid/ask spreads, security-specific risks, and Morningstar® Economic MoatTM 
and Stewardship RatingsTM for the security issuers.

“Many advisers and brokers are increasingly considering debt and hybrid securities for income-seeking investors’ portfolios,” Morningstar Australasia Head of Adviser Services Andrew Whelan said. “The regularly updated research and data in these snapshots equips advisers and brokers to make better-informed decisions to help clients navigate the risks of these complex investments, communicate recommendations effectively, and ultimately help clients achieve their investment goals.”

Morningstar Australasia currently provides analyst research on more than 30 debt and hybrid securities and publishes detailed research reports for each individual security. Morningstar Australasia also publishes a monthly Australian Debt and Hybrid Securities Research Monthly Review report, which summarises the latest developments in credit and fixed income markets, new issues, recommendation changes, and key market and security data.

The company also publishes the Moat-Focused Credit Pick List, which concentrates on securities issued by firms with low or medium issuer risk ratings, wide or narrow Economic Moat Ratings, and hybrid securities with buy, accumulate, or hold recommendations. The Moat-Focused Credit Pick List is designed to help investors build portfolios and is updated quarterly.

The Morningstar Debt and Hybrid Research Snapshot reports are available in Morningstar® Adviser Research CentreTM, the company’s web-based research solution for financial planning dealer groups, financial advisers, and brokers.

Morningstar’s corporate credit research measures an issuer’s ability to satisfy its debt and debt-like obligations in a full and timely manner. The investment appeal of each security is a function of the quality of the issuer and the unique structural characteristics of the security itself.