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SunGard Tops Six Categories in Energy Risk Magazine’s 2014 Software Rankings

SunGard has been ranked number one in six categories of Energy Risk magazine's annual Software Rankings 2014. SunGard was voted the best energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system for regulatory compliance, access to multiple OTC cleared energy markets, power, front office and trade capture, best market knowledge, and ease of integrating with other systems.

The Energy Risk Software Rankings are compiled from the votes of Energy Risk readers and corporations that use the vendor systems. The awards identify the best ETRM systems, systems integrators, data providers and data management firms in a wide range of categories.

Companies are all too often held back operationally by poor access to data and manual processes that not only become an operational drain on the business, but also a risk. As regulatory compliance continues to remain at the forefront for many of our customers, easy and quick access to accurate data has never been more important,” said Andrew Bateman, president of SunGard’s energy business. “These results reflect our commitment to help companies use technology as a strategic and competitive advantage.”

“Speed and accuracy of information are critical to driving energy trading decisions and controlling risk in volatile markets. For more than 30 years, SunGard has provided energy market data solutions to help energy traders, research analysts, data and risk managers achieve growth, competitive advantage and smarter operations,” said Bob Santella, president, SunGard’s brokerage business.

“The regulatory landscape is changing rapidly, requiring energy firms to adapt their risk and process methodologies toward new standards. SunGard’s Kiodex business continues to improve its commodities risk management solutions to help firms tackle complex business and regulatory areas such as OTC clearing, Value-at-Risk analysis, real-time position monitoring, as well as integration and analysis of reliable market data,” said Matthew Healy, SVP and general manager, Kiodex, SunGard’s capital markets business.

SunGard’s energy business supports customers around the world with a comprehensive suite of products and services that cover the front, middle and back offices, as well as market data, and power and gas operations, industrial consumers, and exchanges. In addition, SunGard offers a comprehensive consulting practice that spans system integration, data warehousing and compliance advisory.