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SkyREPORT reconciles data from any system

New release provides multi-system, multi-format reconciliation for improved quality and synchronisation of data.

Perfect synchronisation across all internal and external systems and data sets is the dream scenario for every treasury and investment operation. But the day-to-day reality is that inconsistencies of data and configurations frequently occur, even in the most integrated environments. If left unreconciled, these mismatches can later result in issues such as incorrect statements of account, breaches of limits, incorrect hedging or position-taking, late payments or even fines due to missed regulatory reporting deadlines.

But reconciling diverse data sets from multiple systems can be a slow, manual and error-prone process. To address these issues, the latest release of SkyREPORT (v4.1) now includes an advanced reconciliation module specifically designed to handle multi-system, multi-format reconciliation.

The SkyREPORT reconciliation module makes it easy and fast to fetch and compare data sets from any system and in any format. For example, whether it’s reconciling positions from an external mandate with the portfolio system, ensuring FX rates are in synch across internal systems, reconciling vouchers in the portfolio system with general ledger balances, or checking static data against the internal data warehouse, SkyREPORT’s reconciliation module retrieves and analyses the data and highlights mismatches, according to user-defined parameters. A full audit trail is also automatically generated for every reconciliation decision.

SkyREPORT v4.1 now connects directly to the ActiveMQ message bus, which facilitates new data sources and provides a better technical platform.

“The new functionality and technology of v4.1 moves SkyREPORT far beyond reporting to deliver a versatile reconciliation platform for the most advanced investment and treasury management environments,” says Thomas Bergqvist, Partner, SkySparc.