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Survey reveals 61% of Americans worried about online shopping security

The recent data breach suffered by major retailer Target has had a significant impact on US consumers, according to a new report.

An Associated Press and GfK poll of 1,060 adults revealed that US shoppers are now more concerned about the safety of their personal information.

Despite this, the survey found that many of these people have not taken any steps to protect their data and make it more secure.

Of those surveyed, 61 per cent said they now have deep worries when using online payment methods, while 62 per cent are very concerned when they buy on their mobile phones. Just 37 per cent have tried to use cash for their purchases to combat data thefts.

Only 41 per cent said they had checked their credit card bills for signs of fraudulent activity and even fewer have changed their passwords on retailers' websites.

Experts have been concerned that major breaches, such as those suffered by Target and Neiman Marcus, would change the way people shop.

However, it is thought many Americans have come to terms with the dangers of providing information to retailers and will continue to do so.

By Claire Archer