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Hackers steal credit card details of 376,000 Irish consumers

Hackers who attacked Irish loyalty programme firm, Loyaltybuild, stole the complete credit card details of 376,00 customers.

According to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC), the nation's data protection watchdog, Card Verification Value (CVV) details were stored on the firm's systems, contrary to all payment storage rules.

The ODPC said it had also found that the personal details of a further one million people had been stolen by the hackers.

ODPC also indicated that the breach, which occurred in mid-October, may impact the firm's clients elsewhere in Europe.

Loyaltybuild said is is working around the clock with security experts to get to the bottom of how the breach occurred and that it will be advancing its security to protect its customers.

Ireland's data commissioner Billy Hawkes said: "Clients should also be vigilant in relation to suspicious communication of any kind which they receive."

Irish banks AIB and Permanent TSB told RTE that they had uncovered evidence of possible card fraud related to the breach of Loyaltybuild's systems.

By Tony Aynsley