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Xignite and Kivalia Help Individual Investors Get Professional Advice for Their 401(k)s

Kivalia Web Platform is Powered by the Xignite Market Data Cloud

Xignite, Inc., the leading provider of market data cloud services, announced today they are working with Kivalia to power their online investment advice platform that provides unbiased investment recommendations to 401(k) 403(b), and 457 retirement plan participants. The Kivalia service addresses common problems such as “Faced with dozens of investment options in my retirement plan, what ones should I choose, how much should I hold, and when should I rethink these choices?” A case study on the Kivalia solution is available.

For many participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans, deciding how to allocate their contributions can be very confusing and many simply give up this responsibility only to be slotted into the plan’s default options — typically age-based target data funds. With the Kivalia platform, employees can add their employer’s plan information and gain insights into the entire universe of investment options available to them. Kivalia instantly returns fund ratings and three portfolio allocations for users to choose from — conservative, moderate, and aggressive. Users can then implement the allocation advice they see fit.

“We believe there are huge problems with the U.S. retirement plan system. In general, people do not save enough and they do not receive specific advice tailored to their unique plans,” said Brian Murphy, CEO and co-founder.

Kivalia is using historical stock price data and Net Asset Value (NAV) data for U.S. mutual funds to create proprietary “style maps” for over 40,000 individual securities. By integrating Xignite’s equity, mutual fund and ETF market data feeds, as well as periodic dividend and interest market data APIs into their platform, Kivalia can provide users with advice on investment risks and ratings, portfolio diversification, as well as a clear picture of the fees involved with investing.

“We researched several market data distribution vendors, looking at solutions from Interactive Data, Bloomberg, and Morningstar before deciding on Xignite,” said Vincent Cocula, CTO and co-founder. “It was difficult to find accurate and timely mutual funds distribution data and the solutions proposed to us seemed difficult to implement and cost prohibitive. The team at Xignite was most helpful at deploying and housing this data for us, allowing us to focus on our real area of expertise: quantitative analysis and investment management.”