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Issuer-level corporate actions from SIX Financial Information enhance Joss Technology’s entity data master

SIX Financial Information and Joss Technology bring a new ability for financial institutions to capture and process corporate actions at the entity level, directly benefiting compliance, risk and operations.

To achieve a consolidated view of customers, counterparties, brokers, custodians and so forth for compliance with taxation and risk management regulations is a challenge for financial institutions worldwide. Joss Technology is focused on entity data management, and offers a comprehensive and expert solution that supports financial institutions in the enormous task of integrating records from disparate systems.

The Entity Data Management System (EDMS) from Joss Technology uses fuzzy matching technology to facilitate the complex data matching necessary to integrate entity data across silos, creating a sustainable, quality database or data view.

“The workflow tools in EDMS, including corporate actions automation, ensure that the golden copy of an institution’s entity data is properly maintained going forward,” said Olivier Schlatter, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Joss Technology. “But the reality is, issuer-level notifications are not widely available, so the fact that SIX Financial Information’s high quality, far-reaching global entity corporate actions data is available on the platform is a tremendous added value.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Joss Technology,” said Jason McCann, Strategic Business Development Manager for SIX USA. “Given the requirements set forth by regulators in the US and Europe, this seems to be just the right solution at just the right time to meet the entity data management challenges currently facing global financial institutions.”

SIX Financial Information gathers corporate actions information from around the world covering a large and comprehensive database of global securities. The company´s award-winning corporate actions service enjoys a strong reputation for accuracy and timely delivery.