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InfrasoftTech leads in AML Implementation in Ghana

InfrasoftTech today announced that UT bank has gone live on OMNIEnterprise Anti Money Laundering Solution, enabling compliance with Ghana FIC's guidelines and also proactive monitoring of customer risks.

InfrasoftTech now serves six important banks in Ghana thereby playing an important role in Ghana's drive for countering money laundering menace. A comprehensive domain coverage and swift project execution has helped the banks to quickly move to regulatory compliance.

The solution's support for diverse financial vertical and ease of adoption will ensure that it keeps pace with the vigorous compliance initiative launched by Ghana FIC, Ministry of Justice, which is being strongly supported by the President himself.

In the Celent Report of 2012 on Anti-Money Laundering and AntiFraud, InfrasoftTech is one of the few vendors to have fully met the stringent inclusion criteria. Under the two dimensions of Advanced Technology and Breadth of Functionality, InfrasoftTech ranks among the leading vendors. InfrasoftTech's solution assists the users in easy adoption and usage through its configuration options, risk parameter definitions and usability.

On this occasion, Mr. Hanuman Tripathi, Group Managing Director, InfrasoftTech, said, "We are very proud to have made a mark in the international market against some stiff competition. We have closely worked with the banks in Ghana and were actively promoting the benefits of Anti Money Laundering and Risk Control Solution since last three years. We are committed to providing technology for AML Compliance as well as proactively reduce bank's overall risk on financial crimes being committed using electronic banking channels.

We are happy to state that with increased focus on cost control, we are able to offer our clients, one of the best ROI for managing potential risk, losses, penalties and reputational damage in Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Surveillance space.