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BankersAccuity to attend SAP International Treasury event to discuss the value of treasury applications in a challenging environment

BankersAccuity, the global standard for payment efficiency and compliance solutions, today announced their attendance at the International SAP Conference for Treasury Management in Rome, focusing on the value of treasury applications from SAP. BankersAccuity is a premium sponsor for the event and will be co-hosting a presentation with Intel.

Organised by SAP, the conference provides an opportunity to hear from experts at leading organisations on how and why treasury applications from SAP can help to better manage opportunities and the expected challenges that can arise. Bringing together industry professionals to discuss the ever-expanding role of the treasurer, conference topics include streamlining supply chain systems and the strategic role of global treasury and treasury operations.

Malcolm Taylor, Director, BankersAccuity, said: “There has been a continued development of technology to improve the quality, speed and volume of payments information, providing greater transparency to treasurers. There is an increasing importance to overcome the challenges of this amount of data, by providing accurate bank branch master data for reducing payment failures. BankersAccuity has been addressing the benefits of complete and up-to-date bank master data and the importance of the right data at the right time, allowing for a more streamlined supply chain system.”

BankersAccuity’s presentation, co-presented with Intel, will address the importance of accurate bank branch master data for reducing payment failures. The presentation, entitled ‘How Intel drove efficiency into its SAP payment process’, will highlight how incorrect or missing bank branch master data leads to increased cycle time to set up new suppliers, increases the risk of payment failures, and results in the creation of many production support tickets. The suite of payments solutions from BankersAccuity, including TGBR, GPF and BMUP and IBAN Complete, provide accurate and verified settlement data enabling a user to instantly find and validate payment codes to save time and increase the efficiency of transfers.

Malcolm Taylor will be co-presenting alongside Karen Koh of Intel on ‘Streamlining Supply Chain Systems: How Intel Drove Efficiency into Its Vendor Payments’