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NHBC delivers security and compliance with Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit

Non-profit UK building warranty and insurance provider expands use of Ipswitch File Transfer’s MOVEit to over 200 employees, ensuring regulatory compliance and transparent workflows

The National House-Building Council (NHBC), the UK's leading home warranty and insurance provider, has increased the breadth and use of Ipswitch File Transfer’s MOVEit platform to ensure file transfer best practice and meet compliance with internal standards and external regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

NHBC was founded in 1936 as the National House-Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), tackling sub-standard building practices following government slum clearances. By 1973 it was renamed NHBC and became financially and governmentally independent. Today the non-profit distributing company reinvests all of its income to improve quality in house building to protect homeowners.

NHBC’s business straddles the heavily regulated insurance and building sectors, and its daily activities demand a constant flow of secure, confidential, copyright and personal documents and communications. These include builders’ drawings, architectural designs, legal files and more, sent between internal departments and on to external stakeholders such as solicitors, lawyers, builders, architects and homeowners. By using Ipswitch File Transfer’s MOVEit technology, NHBC now meets strict ISO 27000 internal security standards and exceeds compliance and regulation requirements such as those set by the FCA and the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Prior to implementing Ipswitch File Transfer, NHBC employees would encrypt and share files via SD cards, USB drives, CD-Rs, email attachments and an assortment of unsecured web-based file sharing applications. In the past six months alone, the company has doubled the number of employees successfully using MOVEit, with over 200 active users now securing file transfers to third parties and customers thanks to Ipswitch File Transfer.

Wayne Watson, information security manager for NHBC, said: “As well as conducting our own internal audits, we’re also audited annually by the FCA which has very stringent guidelines regarding the transfer and management of sensitive data. Ipswitch FT’s secure MOVEit solution gives us full visibility and management of file transfers, and enables us to avoid fines of up to £250,000 for non-compliance, as well as maintaining our company’s 75-year trusted reputation.”

Ipswitch File Transfer offers an extensive range of products and solutions designed to support enterprise application integration, streamlined data workflows and managed file transfers. With MOVEit, organisations can quickly and easily secure, automate, and streamline complex workflows and processes, regardless of the protocols or network architectures involved.

Rich Kennelly, president of Ipswitch’s File Transfer division, said: “There is a tremendous shift in attitudes, with more businesses looking to integrate managed file transfer platforms with their own security practices. By using Ipswitch File Transfer solutions, internal IT teams have greater visibility of data movement and increased reporting capabilities, while employees in HR, sales, finance and other departments benefit from the product’s ease of use, streamlined workflows and ability to meet compliance requirements. Unsecure email attachments and USB drives in secure business environments should now be things of the past.”