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Two European Banks Deploy Surecomp’s DOKA Trade Finance Solution

Surecomp®, a leading provider of global trade solutions for banks and corporations, announced today that two European banks recently signed agreements to license Surecomp’s DOKA® trade finance system. DOKA is a state-of-the-art system that leverages over twenty five years of Surecomp experience and expertise in the development of trade finance systems for banks and corporations.

Ranked among the top 25 financial institutions globally, the first bank is based in Switzerland. This Swiss bank has already implemented the DOKA Guarantees system and is rolling out additional modules – including Letters of Credit (LCs), Collections, Syndications, Reimbursements, Participations, Loans and Advances.

The second agreement is with a leading Frankfurt-based investment bank that focuses on small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and views trade finance as a strategic line of business. This German bank selected DOKA based on the systems versatility, technology and scalability, which will enable the bank to easily expand its trade finance operations from its headquarters to other locations.

"These two DOKA selections validate the Surecomp approach of providing multiple bank back-office trade finance solutions,” said Joel Koschitzky, Surecomp Chairman. “Surecomp embraces the concept that ‘one size does not fit all,’ and therefore offer a range of solutions to meet banks’ varying needs – whatever their location, size or transaction volume.

As we reach the halfway point of 2013, the pipeline of global interest in Surecomp various product offerings, has never been better,” continued Mr. Koschitzky. "New and current clients are taking advantage of our proven and innovative technology solutions, and we anticipate strong momentum from these and other recent deals. Surecomp is in the right place, with the right products, at the right time."