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Lucena Research Launches QuantDesk™ Back Tester

Lucena Research, a leading provider of investment decision support technology, today announced the launch of QuantDesk™ Back Tester, the trading strategy simulator component of QuantDesk™. QuantDesk™ Back Tester is a realistic market simulator that allows investors to test trading strategies over critical market periods. Back Tester represents a fourth component of Lucena’s flagship QuantDesk™ cloud-based platform, which allows users to build a strategy using Lucena’s modular algorithms such as scanning, forecasting, optimizing and hedging to help investment professionals validate and refine quantitative investment strategies.

Lucena’s QuantDesk™ Back Tester empowers users to simulate past trading strategies and quickly analyze historical performance metrics before committing to a trading strategy or risking capital. QuantDesk™ Back Tester leverages more than 12 years of historical data, survivor bias-free data, and over 120 fundamental and technical indicators, and 38,000 equity histories, including delisted stocks, to help investors validate strategies and incorporate effective research output into their due diligence.

“Investors today need a comprehensive set of tools that can help them design a winning investment approach and assess its true value,” said Erez Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Lucena. “QuantDesk™ Back Tester allows our clients to historically validate their strategies by simulating execution as if they were trading in the past, and then comparing those projected outcomes against actual performance. Lucena is committed to bringing this added level of transparency and accuracy to our clients in a flexible, feature rich, and easy to use solution that can help them de-risk investment decisions.”

A pioneer in machine learning technology, Lucena Research provides innovative approaches to trend analysis, portfolio optimization and hedging. QuantDesk™, Lucena’s flagship product, incorporates over 200 fundamental, technical, and proprietary time series factors to exploit market opportunities with precision. Lucena Research products enable investors to scientifically validate and assess investment decisions before risking capital. Lucena’s machine learning algorithms continually self-adjust based on new market data and their predictive model-based quantitative algorithms enable hedge funds, portfolio managers and wealth advisors to leverage statistical analysis of fundamental, technical and proprietary data to improve the performance of their investment strategies.