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Upgraded Accelus BoardLink mobile reporting / monitoring service from Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters has upgraded its Accelus BoardLink service so that senior directors can now use the web-based portal on an iPad to communicate, share documents, vote and manage workflows more easily while out of the office.

A simplified folder management system allows users to easily navigate their organisation’s boardroom books and documents to locate the information of most relevance. The integration of Apple AirPrint means that materials are now available to print via Accelus BoardLink for iPad, empowering directors to employ a flexible remote working approach to their record keeping. The upgrade also now has a survey function allowing directors to vote on important activities and agenda items for discussion, with the ability to recycle previous responses to avoid duplication.

The boards of public companies face heightened scrutiny from investors, regulators and the media, and are therefore increasingly reliant on technology for support and assistance, claims the data vendor when explaining the rationale behind the upgrade. Thomson Reuters Accelus BoardLink for iPad seeks to advance the product’s mobile service, quicken response times and workflow processes.

For the first time, the updated Accelus BoardLink service will also enable customers to manage their annotations and synch notes from previous board book versions with current or updated copies across both the secure web portal connection and the end point iPad device. This prevents directors from losing their original notes or having to rewrite them in the run-up to board meetings.

The service also connects business transactions, strategy and operations to the ever-changing regulatory environment, enabling firms to follow the latest regulations and manage business risk via the reporting dashboard. A suite of applications containing regulatory and risk intelligence data, covering compliance management, risk alerts, financial crime, anti-bribery and corruption rules, due diligence, and disclosure requirements, among much else, is available.

“The latest enhancements to Accelus BoardLink will help the boards of public companies to better manage their workflow processes and access critical information on the move,” concluded Andrew Neblett, managing director of the enterprise risk management unit covering governance, risk and compliance at Thomson Reuters.