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Panopticon 6 Released: Next Generation Data Visualization Software Suite Supports Enterprise Deployment and Tight Integration with Third Party Applications

The new suite offers improved mobile analysis, data connectivity, and reporting capabilities and is targeted at customers in capital markets, telecoms, energy, and other sectors with real-time visualization requirements.

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that it has released to customers Panopticon 6, the next generation of its popular data visualization software suite. Panopticon 6 supports Windows and Java IT environments for enterprise deployment and also allows clients to embed visual analysis-enabled Panopticon dashboards into their own applications.

As in previous generations, Panopticon 6 incorporates the ability to visualize data from true real-time streaming sources, including message queues, CEP engines and tick databases as well as federate data from multiple sources. The system’s architecture enables client organizations to fully leverage the powerful data aggregation capabilities of CEP engines and tick databases. The Panopticon 6 platform supports:

  • Visual analysis of fast-changing data sets, including data being updated in real time from streaming sources, and historic time series data stored in virtually any type of database
  • HTML5 and Java applet clients for delivery of fully interactive dashboards to any desktop or mobile device
  • Specialized smartphone visualization functions
  • New on demand PDF generation capabilities
  • .NET and Java clients that may be embedded into existing customer systems
  • Server platforms for Java and Windows environments
  • Connectors to subscribe to Active MQ, Apache Qpid and Progress Sonic MQ message buses
  • Connectors to subscribe to Oracle, OneTick, SAP Sybase ESP, and StreamBase CEP and LiveView engines
  • Improved connectivity to subscribe to Kx Kdb+Tick ticker plants
  • Improved connectivity for OData sources, including the SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • Improved connectivity for high performance columnar tick databases, including Kx Kdb+ and OneTick

Panopticon 6 supports four major deployment options:

  • Enterprise: The Panopticon 6 platform includes a desktop authoring tool that allows power users to assemble and publish new monitoring and analysis dashboards to the web.
  • Tablet: The same dashboards delivered to desktop computers are available on tablets. Panopticon’s HTML5 user interface is specifically designed to take advantage of the touch capabilities of the iPad and Android devices.
  • Embed: Our unique Panopticon Embed tool allows you to build dashboards quickly using Panopticon's point-and-click software and then embed the complete dashboards as objects into your applications. This allows you to complete quite sophisticated development projects in just a few hours with minimal coding.
  • QlikView integration: QlikView users can use Panopticon 6 to add real-time data visualization capabilities and improved visualization of financial time series data to QlikView implementations.

Peter Simpson, SVP Research & Development for Panopticon, stated, “We work closely with our major top tier clients, to formulate the approach to our sixth generation offering. The key has been to understand our common client use cases across trading, performance and risk, whether real time, or historic analysis, and identify how we need to evolve our product suite to support all of their requirements. Everything we do, has been and will continue to be aligned to our customers usage.”

Ludvig Sandman, Chief Architect for Panopticon, noted, “The new ad-hoc PDF reporting feature is particularly exciting since it allows users to create reports from within their dashboards. The reports reflect exactly what they have displayed on screen, including all filter settings, and scale properly for the printed page. By exposing this feature through the Java and HTML5 clients, we give users the power to create high quality reports that communicate their findings in easy-to-comprehend graphical format. They can even generate and email reports from iPads!”

Willem De Geer, Panopticon’s Managing Director, said, “We built Panopticon 6 with several priorities in mind, including the needs of clients outside of capital markets, where we have historically been very strong. Telecoms and energy firms in particular are very interested in our real-time capabilities and we’ve already received commitments from five major customers that they will use the new Panopticon 6 platform in large scale deployments scheduled to launch over the next six months.”