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Cameron calls for long-term eurozone solution

Policymakers across Europe must strive to draw up a long-term plan to deal with the region's ongoing debt crisis.

That is according to British prime minister David Cameron, who has called on his counterparts on the continent to be more proactive in their efforts towards finding a resolution to the continuing financial difficulties.

During the latest summit on the issue in Brussels last night (23 May), Mr Cameron urged officials to establish a "lasting solution" through sweeping changes of policy across the region, which would then help stimulate growth, the Press Association reports.

However, the prime minister went on to say any alteration in direction must not come at a cost of diluting the strict austerity measures already in place.

Upon leaving the gathering, Mr Cameron said it had been a "good meeting" as leaders had been in "complete agreement that dealing with deficits and getting growth are not alternatives".

"They go together, you need to do one in order to get the other," he added.

By Claire Archer