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Solace Upgrades Middleware Appliances to Tackle Exponential Growth in Distributed Data Applications

Product Improvements Target Front, Middle & Back-Office Acceleration, Big Data Deployments and Cloud Computing

Solace Systems today announced a series of upgrades to its market leading family of middleware appliances to deliver high-capacity application infrastructure in support of the most demanding distributed computing architectures. Solace’s latest hardware innovation helps companies handle more data at lower cost and with less effort than ever before.

“The volume of data handled by business applications continues to grow at 40% per year with no sign of slowing*. This trend affects a wide spectrum of applications such as trading platforms in capital markets, big data systems and cloud environments where data from many systems is merged into a single shared infrastructure,” said Dan Sholler, research VP at Gartner, “We expect this trend to accelerate as more information from mobile apps, social media and operational systems is incorporated into the IT landscape. Organizations are looking beyond traditional middleware products to simplify the movement of data at this scale.”

Solace’s middleware appliances have been deployed in a range of industries to simplify and accelerate the movement of information within datacenters, around the world over wide area networks, and to users via web and mobile apps.

The new capabilities and products announced today include:

  • Next Generation Guaranteed Messaging Hardware – Guaranteed messaging ensures that no data is lost when sharing data between applications – an essential component of all middle and back-office, cloud and big data architectures. Based on patented techniques, this new hardware offers 50 times higher throughput than other guaranteed messaging brokers. This more than doubles the advantage of the previous version of the product, which offered a 10-25 times advantage. More information is available here.
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery – Comprehensive disaster recovery is an essential part of all financial services companies, cloud computing infrastructures, and other around-the-clock businesses. The new version of Solace’s appliance firmware builds upon its widely-deployed in-data-center high availability model with a built-in capability to replicate per-topic messages and state to secondary datacenters. This allows business continuity through unforeseen natural or human-induced disasters along with improved general datacenter maintenance. The Solace replication solution does not rely on storage replication mechanisms, or other complex external solutions that are typically needed with other guaranteed messaging brokers. Instead, cross-datacenter replication is fully integrated into the Solace appliance resulting in a highly flexible implementation that is simpler, higher performance and more economical to maintain. More information is available here.
  • Cascading Cache – In-memory caching helps accelerate distributed applications such as trade order processing, cloud computing and big data collection, distribution or analytics. A new version of Solace’s popular caching product extends the feature set to introduce cascading hierarchy into the caching topology. This allows caches in one location to send on-demand queries to upstream caches, when applications need data that is not cached locally. This improves the response time for applications while optimizing efficiency of WAN connections. More information is available here.

“A number of factors are driving demand for middleware that offers higher capacity without increasing cost and complexity: the migration to cloud infrastructure, big data initiatives, and legislation like Dodd Frank that requires companies to collect more data,” said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace. “These latest technology innovations meet that demand by extending our advantage over competing middleware in terms of throughput, savings and overall system reliability.”

The new Solace products and features will be available during summer 2012.

*Gartner, Inc., Information Governance: 12 Things to Do in 2012, Debra Logan, January 27, 2012