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Ibacas Consultancy Ltd Publish Results of 2011 Asset Services Survey

Ibacas, the leading independent Asset Services specialist consultancy, has published the results of its 2011 Asset Services survey.

The 2011 survey follows on from a similar survey undertaken by Ibacas in 2007 and shows how the industry’s approach to Asset Services processing has changed during this time.

The overall aim of the 2011 survey was to benchmark the level of processing optimisation within the Asset Services operations of the Investment Banking sector. The survey was carried out by senior Ibacas consultants, who are specialists in the optimisation of processes within the Asset Services space. The management teams from the Asset Services functions of nine tier one Investment Banks were interviewed in depth, using a proprietary questionnaire format developed by Ibacas to ensure objectivity and consistent data for later analysis.

The survey looks at Equity and Debt processes for both Corporate Actions and Income events and analyses the entire event lifecycle from Announcements though to Payments. In addition the survey also explores the levels of sophistication with regards to high level system architecture, operating models, as well as approaches to workflow management and MIS production. Ibacas then benchmarked the results from each participant, rating all aspects and components of their processes as Minimum Standard, Industry Standard or World Class.

Firms taking part have been guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality. Participants have already been provided with their individual firm’s results, detailing the data that underpins the resulting ratings they achieved. However, the aggregated results will be of interest to all firms within - or connected to - the sector, as they provide a useful snapshot of the Asset Services processing space within the top tier Investment Banks as a whole.