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Orc shows a Newside

As part of an expansion drive into France, the technology firm Orc is entering into a service partnership with Newside, a consulting firm which serves international clients in the financial services industry.

The partnership will make Newside a certified installation and testing partner, initially in the French market where they are strong and possess the requisite language skills, with potential for a later extension into the UK and Hong Kong markets.

Newside will mainly assist Orc clients looking to integrate Orc Trading solutions, such as algorithmic strategies or its Liquidator platform, into their existing technology base, but the consultants are also expected to aid the development of supporting applications. As part of the agreement, Newside consultants will be trained through Orc Academy and receive full certification.

“We very much look forward to working with Orc, which is an industry reference in trading technology solutions for market making, connectivity and derivatives trading in general,” said Christophe Castellani, the managing director of Newside. “I believe we will realise great client benefits by combining our respective strengths to deliver more sophisticated solutions, while reducing time to market.”