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First Rate Announces OnPoint™, the Next Generation of Investment Performance

First Rate, a leading provider of investment performance and analytic solutions for the financial services industry, announces the release of First Rate OnPoint™. OnPoint™ is a web-based reporting solution that puts the power of performance report design into the hands of middle and front office users.

OnPoint™ performance reporting introduces a new level of flexibility and supports the investment professionals need to create customized reports. First Rate’s approach to report building meets the growing market demand for investment services firms to create client-ready reports that integrate corporate branding as well as providing a personalized look and feel for their clients. In addition, OnPoint™ allows the design of report content through selection of data elements, charts, graphs and tabular data. These elements are easily arranged within a report page, allowing investment professionals to be “On Point” with communicating the value of their investment process and results.

Using First Rate’s OnPoint™ step-by-step editor, a report theme is branded to the client’s colors, fonts, and data formatting requirements. More than 80 of First Rate’s performance schedules are modularized and available to easily assemble client-specific report combinations. OnPoint™ can save firms hundreds to thousands of hours a year in report preparation.

“OnPoint™ delivers a powerful and easy to use solution that allow financial service providers to quickly and economically create a standard reporting booklet that matches that institution’s reporting look and feel,” said Terry Gaines, managing director of First Rate Business Development. “Within minutes a new client report can be created to meet the unique needs required for communicating investment results. The market is demanding more flexibility and transparency with regards to investment reporting, OnPoint™ will answer that need. ”

Contact First Rate today to discover how OnPoint™ can deliver the results of your investment management in a branded statement your team designs to meet your client-specific investment reporting requirements.