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WAY Group chooses StatPro Revolution service

StatPro Group plc (AIM: SOG), a global leader in portfolio analytics services since 1994, is pleased to announce fund administrator, WAY Group's purchase of StatPro Revolution. Incorporated in 1996, WAY is an independent and privately owned financial services group whose principal activities are the provision of WAY-branded retail unit trusts and OEICs through the IFA sector, and the management of third party unit trusts and OEICs on behalf of other financial institutions.

Up until 2011 StatPro's client base included Asset Managers and RIAs across North America, Europe and Asia, yet it is clear from this latest announcement, that fund administrators can also see the benefits in cloud based analytics to support the growth of their investment managers.

Paul Wilcox, Chairman of WAY Group, says, "StatPro Revolution is revolutionary in that it is a comprehensive cloud based portfolio analytics solution bringing substantial benefits to asset managers as well as fund administrators globally."

Justin Wheatley, CEO, StatPro, believes this has a lot to do with the price and functionality of the service; "Before StatPro Revolution, many investment managers were unable to afford performance measurement, attribution and risk analytics. Our cloud based platform enables them to have access to a market leading service at a compelling price." Wilcox agrees: "This service not only enables asset managers to reduce costs but increase assets under management, which in turn benefits us as the fund administrator."

Publicly launched in 2011, StatPro Revolution has achieved widespread market demand due to this accessible price point, robust analytics, exceptional reporting capabilities, and technological flexibility.

Wilcox goes on; "It really is a market leader in this niche space helping WAY Group enhance and extend our value added proposition. As an example, the requirement for investment managers with UK domiciled funds to demonstrate they have considered the risk of individual investments, under Coll 6.6. could have been a difficult task. With StatPro Revolution our customers can achieve this in a timely, cost effective manner. The fact that it is all cloud based is the icing on the cake, aligning our commitment to provide reporting 'on demand' to our clients. There's no extra costs so all departments can access the information along with our IFA supporters, end investors and custodians, for example."

The simple data integration options available within StatPro Revolution also satisfies WAY Group: “Our asset management clients do not want to mess around with data integration. As their administrator we can ensure the relevant data is in StatPro Revolution, so they can just get on with it. And it’s assisting greatly with portfolio oversight and mandate monitoring of the funds we are ACD for."

For WAY and their investment manager clients the benefits of using StatPro Revolution are clear. With transparent reporting features they can get a real insight into how the funds are doing. They can see where the performance is really coming from, what is detracting from it; where the risks sit, the concentrations and how much is at risk. The portfolios can be stress tested and new models can be built.

Wilcox concludes: "It's also an invaluable sales aid enabling investment managers to create sales stories and marketing material. The compliance team can also verify all is well too so everyone's happy."