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Börse Berlin Q3: Turnover increases significantly

In Q3/2011 Börse Berlin gained a plus in turnover of 159 per cent compared to Q3/2010 in its broker aided specialist trade. Trades increased by 19 per cent. The fully electronic market place Equiduct completed the quarter with a turnover of 10.2 bn. Euro.

In an insecure market Börse Berlin was able to increase its turnover significantly. In Q3/2010 it reached a turnover of 1.7 bn. Euro in Q3/2011 it achieved 4.5 bn. Euro. The number of trades increased by 19 per cent and reached a total 56,889 trades.

The main focus in the third quarter 2011 lay on bonds. Compared to Q3/2010, turnover increased by 183 per cent in these instruments, the number of trades grew by 74 per cent. In equities turnover climbed up 24 per cent and the number of trades increased by 14 per cent. In fund trading the number of trades increased by 16 per cent, turnover by one per cent.

Equiduct turnover improved by 24 per cent (€10.2 billion vs. €8.2 billion in Q2 2011). The number of trades increased from 1.49 million to 1.96 million.