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Tbricks Completes Nordic Offering with Support for Auto-Quoting

New coverage offers traders total trading solution for Nordic listed markets.

Tbricks, the provider of innovative, high-performance trading systems, has rounded out its coverage of the Nordic markets through the addition of auto-quoting and full scope marketmaking functionality covering all of the region’s listed options and warrants markets.

Effective immediately, Tbricks clients will gain access to any of the region’s markets including the newly added Swedish, Danish and Finnish NASDAQ OMX listed-options markets, the Norwegian options market and the Nordic Growth Market.

The new capabilities complete full markets access for Nordic traders, complementing Tbricks’ existing connections to the relevant NASDAQ OMX equities exchanges, the Oslo equities exchange, as well as the Burgundy, Bats Europe and Chi-X Europe markets.

“The addition of this important new coverage makes Tbricks the one-stop-shop for traders at banks, trading firms, hedge funds, brokers and other financial institutions seeking access to the full range of Nordic trading venues across all listed securities,” said Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks.

“The Tbricks platform offers now complete auto-quoting functions for all Nordic markets, making it the obvious choice for market makers who depend on fast, reliable and nimble access to those markets out of the box.”

The new connections complete Tbricks’ coverage of the Nordic markets and sets the stage for future expansion into new geographies and asset classes. “We see our Nordic total trading solution as a blueprint for Tbricks’ approach to markets globally,” said Urs Rutschmann, COO of Tbricks. “We will continue to add market access as clients demand it, all with Tbricks’ unparalleled speed and richness of functionality.”

Tbricks’ highly modular design allows for the deployment of an unlimited number of interfaces within a single trading system. Tbricks is the next-generation trading platform, built for automated and computer-assisted manual trading in a multi-listed market environment. It combines ease of use with extreme performance to empower the professional user. Increased control and productivity tools help capitalize on new business opportunities.

The platform is easy to use, and its server-based architecture combines the lowest latency possible with unprecedented front-end and server configurability. Tbricks allows for unparalleled customizability as trading and quoting strategies are delivered as out-of-the-box plug-ins and in open source format.