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Treasury Message Matching

Increased regulatory reporting is putting pressure on Financial Institutions to mitigate any operational risks that may face their business. Aqua Global’s e2gen Treasury Message Matching (TMM) is a user friendly cost effective solution that manages the Financial Institutions transaction flow and business processing. Giving higher levels of automation and STP rates, TMM provides an Institution with greater control and productivity. A single integrated and scalable software solution, e2gen's TMM can easily cope over time with an Institution’s increase in volumes.


TMM allows processing of confirmations in any structured electronic format (e.g SWIFT). Benefits are:

1. It supports two and three way confirmations matching
2. Automatic matching of outward and inward treasury confirmations
3. The system has processing for; New, amendments, cancellations and maturity confirmations
4. User involvement is focused on; exception management, investigation management and improvement of automatic hit-rates by managing the automated learning processes.

TMM hold a full audit trails of any action. The technology can be used to further integrate the back office process by automatically authorizing the associated payments once the confirmation has been matched. TMM’s capability is further enhanced when used in conjunction with e2gen's back office Treasury Adapter.


Matching Rules:
These maybe added to improve matching rates. System wide matching rules maybe added for matchng all confirmations whereas counterparty specific rules ma be added to manage counterparty specific requirements.

Exception Processing:
TMM automatically highlights exceptions enabling the user to focus on resolving them immediately.

Alternate Details Learning:
Facilitates the automatic matching of confirmatins that contain related data mismatches.

SWIFT confirmation chasing, Compliance user security and audit ... all of these are key features.


Possible Match:
Typically, the differences between the confirmations are minor and ‘non critical’. Users can confirm if the details should be matched or not. If the suggested automatic pairing is accepted the user will be prompted to submit the details to ‘alternate details learning’ to increase future match rates.

Manual Match:
The solution safeguards against mismatching value differences by only enabling the manual match button when the value difference is zero; or within the manual matching tolerance of the user.

Unmatched Items:
Users need to investigate the reasons for the un-matched status in order to resolve the exceptions, typically by manually matching confirmations. A range of facilities are provided to assist the users with this task of resolving any issues regarding the deal, these include: SWIFT and the internal query and answer management facility. The combination of user defined rules and the alternate details learning process allow users to improve the automatic matching rates without the need to amend static data in host systems.

Late or Overdue Confirmation:
This common problem means significant amounts of time can be spent ‘chasing’ overdue confirmations. Overdue processing eliminates
the time spent in managing this activityassists in controlling settlement risk.

Overdue Processing, cancellation and amendment processing, advanced searches, reporting, the processing of any MT3XX messages are all features of e2gen TMM ... to name but a few.

With no need to purchase more hardware, our solution integrates neatly into your current system allowing you and your business to continue on with business as usual. Aqua Global allows organisations to achieve their ultimate banking solution with ease.