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3i Infotech retains Best Takaful technology Company award

3i Infotech has been awarded ‘Best Takaful Technology Company’ for the fourth consecutive year, at the Takaful Leadership Awards 2011, in London.

Global financial technology solutions and services provider, 3i Infotech has been awarded “Best Takaful Technology Company” at the 5th International Takaful Summit 2011 in London. These annual awards honor companies and practitioners that have contributed the most to the growing Takaful market.

Winning the award in the lead-up to Ramadan, the most important month in the Islamic calendar, the noteworthy achievement recognises 3i Infotech’s extensive work with Takaful companies located in Asia particularly South-East Asia and the Middle East, and Africa.

Presented by Lord Mohammed Sheikh, Chairman of Camberford Law Plc, and timed to coincide with the 5th International Takaful Summit 2011, the conference included a number of high profile speakers from around the world who discussed some of the most important issues facing the growing Takaful market.

Ashish Dass, Senior Vice President & Regional Head - MENA Region, 3i Infotech Ltd said, “The demand for Takaful financial products and services has grown rapidly over the course of the past few years, as individuals and businesses recognise the benefits that the market can deliver. We are pleased to be able to offer a solution that meets the needs of this rapidly increasing insurance market.

“We are continuously investing in technology and best practices in our product - PREMIA, in line with the innovations the takaful industry demands. We will further strive to ensure that we are together in line with all takaful innovations from a technology perspective. This award once again underlines the confidence that our clients continue to have with this innovative approach.”

Chandrashekar M.S., President and Global Head – Software Products added, “The Islamic Finance industry is predicted to become a growth engine for Finance sector globally. As a leading supplier to in this sector, we have knowledge and experience fully embedded in our software solutions; we are well-positioned to support the global expansion of Takaful.”

3i Infotech offers its end-to-end Insurance Software Solutions Suite, PREMIA, for the Takaful Insurance Sector. The PREMIA suite comprises PREMIA General Insurance, PREMIA Health, PREMIA Life, PREMIA Property & Casualty and PREMIA Collaborator. With approximately 150 Takaful companies worldwide, 3i Infotech is leading the way in Takaful insurance solutions, cornering a 25% market share of systems from this sector.