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Web 2.0 GUI technology for ergonomic and competitive corporate e-banking solution MULTIVERSA IFP

User friendly graphical user interfaces (GUI) with Web 2.0 features have become important success factors for international banks in the corporate e-banking business.

Version 3.0 of the MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal premium e-banking solution now provides a state-of-the-art GUI for outstanding usability. In line with the latest principles of web application design CoCoNet has combined the rich functionality for corporate e-banking with an outstanding modern interface.

The latest Web 2.0 technologies such as Java, Ajax and XML enable high GUI usability and interactivity. The revised Landing Page that opens up after logging into the system shows best that usability features make the difference. The Landing Page serves as a configurable dashboard for a quick overview of tasks and data. The far reaching customisation options on user level include the selection which type of information is shown - e.g. balances, payments to be authorised, account statement, etc. Users modify the screen composition via drag & drop according to their individual preferences.

Alerts and Messages within MULTIVERSA IFP are effective communication features. Users can set alerts that are triggered by specific system events and are shown in the application itself but also through e-mail and SMS. The Messaging feature provides a communication channel between bank administrators and customer users.

In the future banks might consider introducing additional Web 2.0 features into MULTIVERSA IFP: Interactive Internet telephony or chat functionality for contacting support staff as extra features for their customers could facilitate swift and up-to-date customer service.

Fundamentally updated ergonomics of the e-banking tool MULTIVERSA IFP help to streamline corporate payment processes and at the same time offer an outstanding user experience. The enhanced visual design reinforces MULTIVERSA‘s premium quality claim.