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Integrated Reconciliation Compliance Software ReconArt™ 2011 Set for Release

ReconArt announces the launch of ReconArt™ 2011, the latest release of its 100% web developed total reconciliation lifecycle solution.

ReconArt™ 2011 addresses the entire reconciliation lifecycle within a single integrated solution. It handles data import and enrichment including out-of-box support for BAI2 and SWIFT data files, high volume transaction matching, exception and case management, general ledger attestation and account certification, reporting, archiving and support for related compliance activities. With one enterprise-wide reconciliation solution, ReconArt’s clients across all industries do not have to spend time and money training and supporting staff to use multiple systems and processes. All reconciliation activities are catered for in a single, latest generation, web-developed and deployed framework.

Users, including daily reconcilers, researchers, administrators, approvers, executives, auditors and compliance officers, all access the solution through a zero foot print browser of choice. ReconArt™ 2011, developed as multi-regional from inception, allows all users to operate the system in their language of choice - especially useful to organizations with international operations spanning the Americas, EMEA and AsiaPac.

To accommodate clients’ different and evolving needs ReconArt offers different deployment options. The software can be delivered in-house on a client’s own servers, as a hosted cloud computing based software-as-a-service, or in full service mode with core reconciliation activities outsourced to ReconArt, all with round the clock support.

According to Hristo Marintchev, ReconArt CEO, - We are very excited to launch ReconArt™ 2011, the latest generation of our software, which allows our clients to integrate all their reconciliation activities and users into a single, modern, web-based framework, lowering operational costs, reducing risk and ensuring high levels of compliance.‖