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Imagine Software Delivers First-to-Market Innovation in Major New Release

Interactive Data Visualization Plus Enhanced Risk Analytics and Instrument Support Answer New Market Challenges

Imagine Software, a leading provider of real-time, integrated portfolio and risk management solutions worldwide, today announced the availability of Imagine 7, the most extensive enhancement of its award-winning software in years.

Imagine 7 is the first in a series of major product launches scheduled over the next 18 months that will cement the firm’s industry leadership position. It introduces ground-breaking, interactive data visualization capabilities, an entirely new user interface, enhanced risk analytics, support for additional asset classes, advanced charting, customized reporting capabilities, and more. Imagine 7 is designed to help clients respond effectively to key market trends such as sustained market volatility, the need for advanced reporting capabilities that can help attract investor inflows and address evolving regulatory requirements, and the necessity for diversified risk management methodologies.

A large number of Imagine clients participated in the company’s beta and early release program and are already accruing benefits from the new system. According to Steve Luo, Associate Director of Risk Management at China Merchants Securities, “Imagine’s new data visualization dashboards efficiently represent liquidity risk, greeks, and P&L, making it faster to identify risk exposures. Flexible visualizations let me view data by multiple breakdowns, specify a range and drill down into the detail.”

Jonathan Barton, Chief Operating Officer, Meru Capital, noted: “Imagine 7 brings a simple-to-use, intuitive and well-organized layout to what is already an extremely powerful real-time risk management system. Being able to navigate quickly between tabs with differing views appropriate for each of the asset classes we trade allows us to instantly identify the risks that matter.”

Mark Friedman, Principal, AM Investments, remarked about Imagine 7’s expanded instrument support: “The asset class coverage in Imagine 7 is excellent as it now supports volatility swaps and options on realized variance. Imagine’s ongoing expansion of asset classes enables me to stay within a single ASP platform that serves all of my trading needs. By taking away the need for multiple vendor solutions, my overall support costs and training requirements are significantly reduced.”

Imagine’s CEO, Dr. Lance Smith, observed the new software release marks the 10th anniversary of the firm’s launch of its pioneering ASP service, which played a critical role in creating and defining an entirely new means of delivering institutional-grade portfolio and risk capabilities over the Internet. “We are very proud of Imagine’s ongoing role as an industry pioneer, since our ASP service proved it was possible to deliver advanced portfolio and risk management capabilities to financial firms of all sizes—quickly, easily, and affordably. Imagine serves thousands of end users worldwide at companies ranging from the smallest hedge fund startups to the very largest hedge funds, asset managers, banks, pension funds, and other institutional businesses.”

Smith concluded: “With Imagine 7, we succeeded in our goal of transforming a very powerful system into one of the easiest to use. We’re looking forward to impressing our clients with a continual stream of new innovation throughout 2011 and beyond.”