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RealTick® Launches RealTick 10

Designed to Deliver AXE: Analysis, Execution, and Evaluation

RealTick®, the leading global provider of multi-broker, multi-asset electronic trading solutions announced today it has, in its latest release RealTick 10, delivered a platform which embeds trading as an integral and essential part of the investment equation. Through the redesign and unbundling of its platform, RealTick 10 now provides AXE: analysis, execution, and evaluation – the three critical elements which make for smarter trading decisions and which result in the opportunity for better execution and performance.

RealTick 10 is designed to meet the seismic and rapidly changing dynamics in global markets and trading over the last two years. Starting with the trading cycle as its basis, it is architected to simultaneously account for information, access to liquidity, complex orders and strategies, and the regulatory requirements that buy-side and sell-side traders must consider as they trade. Traders have complete control over their trades at all times, with access to the analytics to make smarter trading decisions and the venues for better trade performance, and the ability to assess and manage risk – integrated into a single platform. In addition, RealTick 10 now delivers mobile capability.

As RealTick considered its new release, it undertook a strategic review of the current market environment, portfolio manager expectations, and trader behavior and activity. RealTick recognized the importance of trading itself, as part of the investment management performance equation for buy-side and profitability for the sell-side.

The result is a platform that sees today’s environment more as an ecosystem – where traders interact with a market that is set within a climate, with ever changing weather patterns and conditions. RealTick 10 accounts for the breadth and depth of the demands and complexity of this environment, which consists of AXE: Analysis, eXecution and Evaluation.

For analysis, beginning with an overhaul of the ergonomic interface of the platform, traders create their own view of the trading environment and market, and can customize the entire platform (including more than 1,000 discrete fields) based on their strategies and styles. This suits their preferences and demand for delivery of pre-trade and post-trade analytics that can lead to better execution in today’s hypercompetitive, multi-asset, and multi-broker global trading environment.

If traders prefer, RealTick 10 now completely unbundles the RealTick platform, so traders can access the complete suite of RealTick trading and market data solutions using either the revamped RealTick front end on a completely customized basis, or using FIX, Microsoft® Excel via a new dedicated RealTick add-in, RealTick’s revamped robust developer API, or any combination of methods.

For execution, and building from this intuitive base, traders now have more powerful access to “performing” liquidity via RealTick LiquidityScope™. LiquidityScope™ directs and analyzes order performance during execution and automatically sends orders to more liquid venues.

Further trader control is delivered to execute a variety of complex order types, including bracketed orders, and spreads & pairs trading using a new dedicated pairs trading module. These are set by traders with the ability to optimally organize trading and set defined conditions on execution. Additionally, equity option traders and risk managers can now analyse and automatically manage their risk exposure using an included option risk management module.

For evaluation, with RealTick 10, traders can filter, analyze, and adjust orders across asset classes and multiple benchmarks; single stock and portfolio trade performance measurement are included.

In addition, given the demands of global trading, RealTick Mobile™ allows traders to stay in touch wherever they are, offering a mobile companion to the RealTick trading experience usable on any smartphone device (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, etc.). Traders can monitor outstanding orders, position updates, and P&L in real-time, worldwide.

These capabilities are supported by advanced pre-trade risk management monitoring and controls, which are essential in light of recent regulatory rulings. In addition to determining a risk hierarchy for market and position based management and control, traders have suitability analysis, exposure alerts, order entry permission and restrictions, and “fat finger” checks. RealTick risk management tools and comprehensive global multi-asset order routing network have been refined over the years, and are now available via FIX and RealTick API, in addition to the revamped RealTick front end.

Said Stuart Breslow, RealTick CEO: “Trading, risk management, and market interactions have become ever more complex. Due to competitive pressures, it is imperative for traders to be able to nimbly respond to market conditions and stay in touch with their trades as they occur. We set out to unbundle and repackage our time-tested trading technologies to provide traders with a platform that delivers what’s required to achieve trading alpha. RealTick 10 delivers on that expectation, providing capability that translates into opportunity for improved trading performance for traders and their firms.”