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Mnd Partners Selects FIX Flyer’s Csa Platform

Independent NYSE Floor Broker Expands their Electronic Footprint

FIX Flyer, a leader in solutions for electronic trading, announces today that MND Partners Inc., a New York Stock Exchange based agency execution firm, has chosen the Flyer CSA platform. Flyer CSA allows managers and their trading partners to manage commission and payment workflow for research and other brokerage services through an easy to use web portal. FIX Flyer will host the CSA portal on behalf of MND Partners so that their clients can access balances and trading activity on demand.

The Flyer CSA platform simplifies the workflow for trading operations and compliance as well as their vendors, and research partners in order to make it easy for prompt and accurate payments using accrued commissions. In addition, executing brokers can leverage the solution in order to provide a simplified view into commission and vendor payment information.

“Our clients depend upon MND Partners to provide unique and innovative liquidity alternatives,” says Michael Smyth, Managing Director of MND Partners. “We’re thrilled to offer a CSA solution that empowers our clients to meet their obligations while remaining focused on the quality of their execution. FIX Flyer’s CSA solution helps us achieve our goal of providing a complete agency execution platform directly from the floor of the NYSE.”

The platform integrates with clearing systems for trade activity and commissions. In addition, the platform provides an easy way to keep rate table information for each client and vendor relationship, track and organize vendor invoices and other important information that needs to be readily accessed.

Zoe Boza, a leading CSA industry consultant, assessed that “If it’s designed right, an online reporting system is the most efficient way to track research spending, accelerate the reconciliation process, and provide auditable transparency for CSA partners. FIX Flyer meets all of these requirements and is one of the best reporting solutions for money managers and executing brokers like MND and their clients. It minimizes set-up and administrative burdens, provides the right report design, and is easy to use.”

The platform was designed to encourage competition among other industry offerings. FIX Flyer charges a flat fee rate based on a user account. By avoiding the vendor-as-tollgate pricing model, FIX Flyer has once again produced a direct path for clients and their trading partners to achieve the transparency and efficiency that their investors demand.

“Our brokerage clients are looking for ways to automate their middle office, gain efficiency surrounding CSAs, and share that information with their entire trading community, in an interactive way,” says George Kledaras, Chairman and co-founder of FIX Flyer.