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First mobile recording solution launched by Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, meeting new compulsory regulations

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leader in voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading communities, today announced the launch of the first mobile recording solution for traders. From next year it is likely that the current exemption on recording mobile phone conversations will be removed and all conversations related to a trade including those on mobile phones will need to be recorded. This solution is guaranteed to help traders get ahead and meet these requirements when recording mobile phone conversations becomes necessary.

With this end-to-end solution, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ traders will be the first to take advantage of this new state-of-the-art recording technology which has been developed in partnership with Voxsmart, the mobile recording specialist. As well as meeting compulsory regulation requirements this solution will provide companies with better resiliency against pandemics or disasters if business continuity plans (BCP) need to be actioned, and calls can be recorded if traders need to work remotely whilst still adhering to compliance regulations. Users will also have the flexibility of not always needing to be in the office given the ability to work remotely through this solution.

The mobile recording solution will initially be available on Smartphones and offers users automatic recording of all calls, instant messaging, SMSs and voicemail, wherever they are, globally. It is also turret, recording system and operator agnostic so can be used regardless of the network being used and is completely transparent to the user so that they are aware that the call is being recorded. The user also has the ability to switch off the recording facility if personal calls come in, but the call can still be tracked.

“We anticipated the regulations around mobile recordings were going to be strengthened in terms of recording especially after the recent FSA announcement and are proud to be the first provider that will allow traders access to these new mobility features, enabling them to get ahead and meet the compliance regulations,” said Caroline Ourion, compliance director, Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions. “We have worked very hard on the key functionalities of this solution according to traders needs and look forward to expanding the facility in the near future.”