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TÜViT seal for CoCoNet’s Secure Development Framework

The TUViT (TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH) performed an audit on the Secure Development Framework at CoCoNet and confirmed the security policies and procedures with the “TÜViT Trusted Process”seal. The audit focussed on security aspects of the software development process at CoCoNet by applying the “trusted process evaluation criteria”.

This certification underlines that CoCoNet complies with the security and quality requirements of the security sensitive e-banking business. CoCoNet’s customers can rely on the highest e-banking security standards.

For its Secure Development Framework (SDF) CoCoNet makes use of the quality standards recommended by the global organisation OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) that particularly concentrates on the security of application software. Consequently the audit next to the processes of the SDF also approved the evaluation criteria of the international OWASP best practices. These criteria amongst others include awareness programs, application assessments and testing, security requirements, secure software development practices, vulnerability remediation procedures, defining and monitoring metrics and operational security guidelines.