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Thomson Reuters Announces Hedge Fund Award Winners for Europe, North America & Offshore

Thomson Reuters yesterday published the winners of the 2009 Lipper Hedge Fund Awards. This is an annual awards program recognizing the hedge funds and funds of hedge funds that have returned exceptional and consistent performances relative to their peers.

The 2009 Lipper Hedge Fund Awards measure fund performance based on the Lipper Leader rating for Consistent Return, which has now been extended to cover hedge funds as well as mutual funds. The winning funds have the highest Consistent Return value over three years when compared to a group of similar hedge funds. Eligibility is limited to hedge funds and funds of hedge funds in the Lipper TASS Hedge Funds Database that had at least 36 consecutive months of performance history as of the end of June 2009. The Lipper Leaders for Consistent Return rating will be available as an add-on for Lipper TASS subscribers. The feed will contain monthly rating information as well as historical risk and return data.

Dr. Gabriel Burstein, Lipper’s Global Head of Research said: “Lipper's new objective hedge fund rating helps investors gain objective insight into hedge fund performance and gives fund managers a valuable marketing tool to promote their success. The Lipper Leader for Consistent Return fund rating not only measures performance but also consistency. Lipper has been rating mutual funds for close to a decade and today we are officially expanding our Lipper awards to hedge funds.”