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Former HSBC banker found guilty of wife's manslaughter

A former HSBC Holdings banker has been found guilty of manslaughter after the death of his wife in a violent row last year.

Neil Ellerbeck, who had been chief investment officer at the bank's global liquidity unit in London, was cleared of murder charges after prosecutors alleged he had intended to kill his wife Kate because she was having two affairs and wanted a divorce.

But jurors found there had been no intent to murder on the part of Ellerbeck.

Mr Ellerbeck had previously worked for JPMorgan Chase before moving to HSBC in 2006, where he was rewarded with a salary in excess of $210,000 per year.

But the stress of his job at HSBC was highlighted in court as contributory factor to the breakdown of the marriage.

Both Mr and Mrs Ellerbeck engaged in affairs and Ellerbeck, of Enfield, London, began drinking heavily and even bugged the family home so he could overhear his wife talking to her lover.

In November 2008 the couple clashed in a row that led to Kate Ellerbeck's death.

More than 40 injuries were found on her body by the pathologist, including 19 to the head and it is believed she was strangled.

By Gary Cooper