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Horizon Software compliant with Universal NYSE Euronext Trading Platform -Direct

With a team of engineers armed with extensive experience in technology, networks and market access, Horizon Software is proud to announce its Universal NYSE Euronext Trading Platform-Direct certification.

The UTP-Direct protocol can be used on both NSC and the new Universal Trading Platform.

The Universal Trading Platform will provide high speed real-time market data for NYSE Euronext markets via multicast by using UTP-MD. The benefits of those protocols are:

•Low latency
•Common Market Data for all NYX markets
•Message structure that allows rich content to be accommodated while not impacting performance and latency

Horizon Software has a product base consisting of an ever growing list of supported electronic exchanges, a full- fledged trading framework, and specialized trading services.Our solutions are developed in java, extensively tested and regularly profiled to achieve optimal performance. Horizon Software provides direct connection to over 25 major electronic Exchanges across the world.

Below is a list of some of the supported major exchanges:

ASIA: DIFX (Dubai International Financial Exchange), DME (Dubai Mercantile Exchange), HKFE (Hong Kong Futures Exchange), SEHK (HongKong Stock Exchange), OSE (Osaka Stock Exchange), TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange), and SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange).

EUROPE: EURONEXT – (Europe Stock Exchange, Paris - Brussels – Amsterdam), Liffe EURONEXT - (Futures and Options Europe Exchange), EUREX (European Derivatives Exchange, Francfort), XETRA (Exchange Electronic Trading, Francfort), EUWAX (European Warrant Exchange, Stuttgart), MTA ( Borsa Italiana, Milan), IDEM (Italian Derivatives Market, Milan), SeDex (Securitized Derivatives Market, Milan), LSE (London Stock Exchange), MEFF (Madrid Futures Exchange), SIBE (Madrid Stock Exchange), SWX / V-Bix (Zurich Stock Exchange), CHI-X ( Pan-european Blue chip Exchange), and Turquoise ( Interbanks European Exchange).

USA: CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), ISE (International Securities Exchange, New York), and NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange).