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Improved administration processes enhance usability of MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal

The software supplier CoCoNet optimises the administration of the web-based e-banking solution MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal.

Administration processes have become more user-friendly after CoCoNet had redesigned the graphical user interfaces and had optimised the usability for e-banking customers.

In the new MULTIVERSA IFP version 2.7 bank and customer administrators benefit fromsimplified procedures for the creating and managing of customers and accounts thanks to the new intelligent copy functions for users and accounts. The copied elements contain the assigned permissions from the original and can then be further individualised.

Enhanced graphical user interfaces complement the functional improvements of the administration, e.g. when entering and modifying permission profiles and further improve the ergonomics.

These special facilities for administration tasks come embedded in a customer self service concept, in which banks decide which administrative tasks customers can execute independently. For instance bank administrators can define that administrators of the respective customers are able to independently modify the sign permissions within MULTIVERSA IFP. This can help banks to significantly reduce the administration work.